Protegiendo a las especies amenazadas por el tráfico ilegal, con códigos de barras genéticos públicos que permitirán su identificación.

How You Can Help to Protect Nature

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Note by: Sofía de Teresa

According to several experts and scientific institutions that enjoy international prestige, the world is facing a biodiversity crisis, and this not only means that a high amount of species but also that entire ecosystems are being loss. Specialists have also mentioned that the main current threats for biodiversity are being caused by several human activities that are producing habitat destruction, overexploitation (also related to wildlife trafficking), pollution, introduction of alien species, etc.

Fortunately, in the opinion of many experts we can all help to protect nature by being responsible consumers of natural resources (including water), avoiding illegal wildlife trafficking, participating in conservation projects as volunteers, diminishing garbage production, etc. See more (Original text in Spanish)

It is very important that all of us are aware about the fact that there are real alternatives that we can support to ensure a better life for the current and future generations. Let´s support life, let´s conserve nature!


WWF How You Can Help

Why is biodiversity in crisis?


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